Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Sale
The present conditions of sale have for object the purchase of products and of services, made over distance through Internet net on the site www.tuningbikeshop.it, belonging to TuningBike road Ugo Foscolo 23, 00073 Castel Gandolfo, RM - Italy, CFcccttr51r21f935y PI. :10864591002

1) Acceptance of the conditions of sale

1. 1) The contract drawn up between TuningBike and the Client must understand itself concluded with the acceptance of the order from TuningBike according to the formalities further described.
Making an order in several estimated formalities, the Client declares of having taken vision of all the indications from him supplied during the purchase procedure and of accepting integrally the general conditions, payment, shpping further indicated.

1. 2) If the Client is a consumer (or rather a physical person who purchases the goods for not concerning reasons to the owned professional activity), as soon as the procedure of on-line purchase will be concluded, will arrange to print or to save electronic copy and, in any case, to keep the present general conditions of sale, in the respect of how much expected at the art. 3 and 4 of the lgs. D. 185/1999 on the sales of distance.

1. 3) Each right of the Client to a compensation for damages or indemnity is excluded, as well as any contractual or extra-contractual responsibility for direct or indirect damages to persons and / or things, caused by the non-acceptance or escape, also partial, of an order.

2) Payment method

2. 1) The Client can order only the on-line products present at the address (URL) http://www. tuningbikeshop. it so as described in the relative informative cards. It remains intended that the image to outfit the descriptive card of a product cannot be perfectly representative of its characteristics but differ for colour, dimensions, present accessory products in figure.

2. 2) The correct reception of the order is confirmed by TuningBike through an answer via e-mail sent to the address of e-mail communicated by the Client. The answer is generated in automatic way at the system and cannot be considered as an acceptance of the order but only as a confirmation of reception of the same thing.

2. 3) Such confirmation message will state ‘Data of execution of the order' and a 'Order Number' to be used in each further communication. The message contains all the data inserted by the Client, who will committ to verify the correctness of it and to communicate at the right time possible corrections, according to the formalities described in this document.
The order confirmation is sent contextually at the shipping for not registered clients.

3) Order state

3.1) The state of the order is displayable only to the registered clients in the section "my orders”.

3.2) The total or partial non-acceptance of the order will be signalled in the page as ‘hanging order’ through a communication or through the reduction or the annulment of the quantities of the products.

4) Method of payment

4.1) Counterfoil: payment in cash (banknotes) at the time of delivery. Maximum sum € 3. 000,00 IVA included. Available only for deliveries in Italy. The payment in counterfoil has an additional cost.

4.2) Bank transfer: to send only after our confirmation e-mail of the order.

4.3) Credit card: the purchase procedure with credit card through the safe circuit PayPal. All the information about it on the site www.paypal.it

5) Method of shipping

5.1) Orders with delivery are accepted all over the world by means of express couriers selected according to the destination.

5.2) For each order receipt of the shipped material will be emitted, attached to the packaging of the order , in accordance with Article 14 of Presidential Decree 445/2000 and DL 52/2004 . For the issuance of the invoice , that can only be requested when ordering , authentic information provided by the Client only upon order are deemed. No change in the bill will be possible after the issuance thereof . You can not get separate bills for individual products belonging to the same order.

5.3) The delivery expenses are in charge of the Client and highlighted explicitly at the moment of the accomplishment of the order. The payment of the goods from the Client will happen using the manner chosen on the order. Nothing more is owed to the Client compared to the total of the order if not differently agreed and confirmed from the Client (for example adding products to the order).

5.4) No responsibility can be charged to TuningBike in case of delay in the escape of the order or in the delivery of what ordered.

5.5) Except explicit indication from our Service Clients the delivery understands itself to plan road. At the time of delivery of the goods from the courier the Client is wanted to check:
• The number of the necks in delivery correspond to that indicated in the document of accompaniment
• The unsuccessful correspondence of the number of the necks or of the indications, so like the loss or possible damages, must be immediately notified of by them the vector, the goods if retreat must be withdrawn "with reserve" inscription. As soon as the document of the messenger is signed the Client will not be able to oppose any protest about the outward characteristics of all that delivered.

6) Cancellation / right of Recess and Repayments

6.1) The client will be able to cancel the order within 24 hours with the same thing, after which it will be able, after having received and in case paid (payment to the delivery), to withdraw according to the formalities foreseen by the law.

6.2) The recess right applies itself to the final consumers physical persons who behave for reasons that can be considered extraneous to the own commercial activity (who improves for not professional reasons or without PI). The recess right does not apply itself to the professional consumers (the one who improves for professional reasons or with PI).

6.3) The recess right applies itself to all the products not used by you and made up as in original. It is not applied for mounted products and that present utilisation marks. It is not applied in case of supply of properties made up on measure or clearly personalised or that, by their nature, cannot be sent or risk deteriorating or spoiling quickly.

6.4) The intention to withdraw , according to the law , must be notified by mail and / or letter a / r within 10 days of receiving the goods. Before shipping We ask you to contact us anyway to get a RMA (return merchandise authorized ) required for the return.
Send the products to be returned in their original box being careful packing and writing over the package the RMA number on the address " TuningBike via Ugo Foscolo 23 , 00073 Castel Gandolfo , RM "

6.5) Return shipments without a copy of the notice of intention to exercise the right of withdrawal and the RMA number on the neck will not be accepted .
We will not accept cash on delivery or with at our expense.
The direct cost of returning the goods belongs to the consumer to the sender . The consumer can request that TuningBike to take care of the return shipment but TuningBike has the right to accept or refuse such work. In case of acceptance it can not be held responsible for any damage arising shipment ( except in the case where the consumer requires an optional insurance coverage for a fee ) . The cost of the return delivery even in the event that it were managed by TuningBike is charged to the consumer

6.6) If the procedure over indicated is carried out correctly TuningBike will provide in the shortest possible time (maximum 30 working days of the receiving of the goods) to make the crediting to the Client of the paid sum excluded the expenses for shipping (art. 5, paragraph 6, lsg. D. No 185 of 5/22/1999). In case of re-entering shipping at states not belonging to the UE's the possible customs duties owed for the return will have to be necessary kept in charge of the consumer. The repayments of the orders whose chosen payment manner is a mark or bank transfer are made only through bank transfer (to indicate bank co-ordinates) while the repayments of the orders whose chosen payment manner is a credit card or PayPal are made only averting the payment on the paper or the account Paypal. We invite the Clients not to use credit cards in deadline.

6.7) In the operations to prize (promotions), in which the purchase of a good is combined with another good that is sold at a derisive or presented price, the recess right will be able to be legitimately been exercised by the restitution of both properties by object of the current purchase the tie of the accessoriness of the good in promotion compared to the first one. In case of promotions that include two or more properties and for which the promotion and then the particular price or the applied particular discount exist in reason of a purchase arranged the right of recess object of the promotion trains on all the properties.

7) Privacy

See dedicated section

8) Guarantee

8.1) All the products sold by TuningBike are covered by the agreed guarantee of the producer and by the guarantee of 24 months for the defects of conformity in accordance with the DL 24/02. In order that the Client enjoys the assistance in guarantee it will have to keep the fiscal ticket.

8.2) The agreed guarantee of the producer is supplied according to the formalities illustrated on the site or in the present documentation inside the manufacture of the product. If the defect must turn out to be not covered by the agreed guarantee of the producer's to the Client there will be debited the possible costs of verification and restoration, as well as the transport costs, if supported by TuningBike.

8.3) The guarantee of 24 months in accordance with the DL 24/02 applies itself to the product that you present a conformity defect provided that the product itself is used correctly in the respect of his destination of use and of how much expected in the enclosed technical documentation. Such a guarantee is booked for the private Consumer (physical person who purchases the goods for not concerning reasons to the own professional activity or it makes the purchase without indicating in the order form a PI reference). In case of conformity defect, TuningBike provides, without expenses for the Client, for the restoration of the conformity of the product mediated repairing / replacement or for the reduction of the price, up to the resolution of the contract. If the vice must not turn out to be a conformity defect in accordance with the DL 24/02 to the Client the possible verification costs will be debited and I restore as well as the transport costs if supported by TuningBike.

8.4) The replacements in case of DOA (Dead On Arriving: not working product to the delivery) they happen only if expressly foreseen by the producer. The times of replacement or possible repairing of the product depend exclusively on the politics of the producer.

8.5) In the case in which, for any reason, TuningBike was not able to return to the own client a product in guarantee (restored or substituted) it will be able to proceed, to own discretion, to the restitution of the whole paid sum or to his replacement with a product of equal or superior characteristics.

8.6) No damage can be asked TuningBike for possible delays in the accomplishment of repairing or replacements.

8.7) In the cases in which the application of the guarantees foresees the restitution of the product, the Client will have to send an email to info@tuningbikeshop.com where an operator will supply all the necessary indications. It is needed to insert into the email all the necessary data relative to the order. TuningBike intends not to supply guarantee to the product or to the motorcycle in lack of the relative fiscal document of purchase or of the certificate of guarantee. There will be supplied a number of RMA (Return Goods Authorised) to append to the outside of the manufacture used for the returned one. Forwarding devoid of the number of RMA on the neck will not be accepted by the warehouse TuningBike. The good will have to be returned at the Client's in the complete original manufacture in all the his parts (I understood package and possible documentation and accessory endowment: manuals, cables, and so on. . . ) ; to limit damages to the original manufacture, we recommend, of inserting it into a second box or into the package used for the single forwarding; there is avoided in all the cases the apposition of labels or adhesive tapes directly on the original manufacture of the product.

8.8) Any intervention made by staff not authorised by TuningBike will make decaying immediately the guarantee.

8.9) An intervention in guarantee leaves completely unvaried the duration of the period of guarantee of the product.

8.10) The guarantee will not be valid in the cases in which the breakdown of the product is caused by improper utilisation, wrong installation, interventions of assistance, maintenance or repairing made by technicians not authorised by TuningBike.

9) homologation

9.1) With exception of the products defined in the description with the terms "approved" and / or "streetlegal" the products sold by TuningBike are not approved for the utilisation on road opened to the public, fairs or exhibitions understand each other only destined for the utilisation in sporting manifestations in footprint or in closed circuit as well as. The homologation understands itself bounded to the countries belonging to the UE.

10) Limitation of responsibility - Disclaimer

10.1) Present information about this site: we try to maintain the updated most possible our site but by the same nature of the products and for the continuous engagement from the producers to reach more and more elevated quality standards we cannot guarantee that the information and the images are those who describe really and at best the products.
Although prices, descriptions, images, applications and however all the present information about this site is corrected, they can contain errors, inexactnesses, publication errors, be updated and updatable in any moment while for this TuningBike could not be a responsible estate.

10.2) TuningBike cannot be a responsible deduction towards any person for particular, indirect or consequent damages, it is late, unsuccessful profits connected with the sold materials. The applications of each product are suggested by the produced individuals therefore we do not ensure the correspondence with the original replacements. To guide a motion can be a fountain of danger for and for others, TuningBike will never be able to be a responsible deduction for direct or indirect damages, accidents, lesions, wounds, deaths or how much another been necessary using the products commercialised on this site.
To use the products not destined to utilisation on road there can be considered a liable crime of penalty, arrest or, in any case, feasibly the laws of the state. TuningBike disapproves the utilisation of the products not destined to utilisation on road out of sporting manifestations, footprints, closed circuits as well as fairs or exhibitions.

11) Applicable law

11.1) The sale contract between the Client and TuningBike understands itself concluded in Italy and regulated at the Italian Law. For the solution of civil controversies and penalties ensuing from the conclusion of the present contract of sale of distance, if the Client is a consumer, the territorial competence is that one of the court of reference of his municipality of residence; in all the other cases, the territorial competence is exclusively that one of the Court of Foro of Velletri.