Privacy Policy


The present informative report is reported to the site succession “site“) of property and managed by TuningBike with headquarters in Castelgandolfo, Road Ugo Foscolo 23, 00073, Rome (in succession "Society"), in quality of Holder of the treatment.
The informative report is destined to all the subjects that interact with the web pages of the site, either through the registration to the site itself, either without making any. The present informative report is supplied in accordance with the art. 13 D.Lgs. 196/2003 and in accordance with the Recommendation No 2/2001 that the European Authorities for the Protection of the Personal Data, reunited in the Group instituted by the art.
29 of the Directive No 95/46/Council of Europe, have adopted on May 17 2001 to individualise some least requirements for the collecting of on-line personal data.


It is possible to enter the site without being requested the conferment of any personal data. Still, the information systems and the software preferred to the functioning of the site acquire, during their normal exercise, some personal data whose broadcasting is implicit in the use of the protocols of Internet communication.
These data are used only to extract anonymous statistical information about the use of the Site (which, particularly, the number of accesses) and to check the correct functioning of it and are cancelled immediately after the elaboration.
In this process the treatment of directly identifying information is not provided.
Cookies for the broadcasting of information of personal character are not used, nor are used persisting cookies of any type, or systems for the tracing of the users.
The use of a.s. cookies of session (that are not memorised in a persistent way on the computer of the user and disappear with the closing of the browser) is strictly limited to the broadcasting of identifyings of session (constituted by random numbers generated by the server) necessary to allow the safe and efficient exploration of the Site.


The site uses only "technical cookies"
The site does not use profiling cookies, does not use profiling cookies for sending targeted advertising messages, the site does not allow also the dispatch of cookies of "third parts", or rather of cookies installed by a different site through the site that is being visited.

Registration and orders

The data and the information asked in case of registration and/or possible order will be used to allow the access for the restricted area of the site and to take advantage of the offered on-line services.
The personal data of the registered users will be treated for the aims and according to the formalities of the present informative report.


The enrolment to the site and/or the possible utilisation of the services (orders, purchases, payments. ,) will involve the treatment of the personal data that regard You and that come to us from You conferred.
Therefore, in accordance with the prescriptions of the lgs. D. 6/30/2003 No 196 (c. d. "Code of the Privacy"), with which we mean to inform you that the Society, being the owner of the site and in quality of the Holder, will subject to treatment of the personal data that regard You on the next conditions.

Art. 1. Aim of the treatment
The treatment of the personal data (there included their registration in the registries of the Society) is run exclusively to the attainment of the next aims:
a) to guarantee the enrolment to the site and the correct disbursement of the requested services, included orders, payments and forwarding of the same ones
b) for aim of administrative and bookkeeping type

Art. 2. Conferment of the data and consequences in case of unsuccessful assent to the treatment
The conferment of the data for the record to the Site and the purchase is completely optional, but necessary for the access to the restricted area of the site and for the procedures of purchase, then, to the offered services.
Therefore it is needed to lend explicit assent to the treatment of the personal data that regard You for the aims of execution of the contractual report and for the aims of administrative and bookkeeping order, as indicated at the points "a" and "b" of the art. 1 that it precedes.
Save as aforesaid, it remains understood that, in case of your denial of the consent to the treatment of the personal data that regard You, our Society will be able however to use your data with the alone purpose of giving correct fulfilment to the obligations foreseen by the laws in vigour.
Besides your consent to the treatment of the data for one or more above indicated it will be able to be revoked aims in any moment, by means of modification of the data of assent to the moment of each new entry to the personal account.

Art. 3. Manner of the treatment
The treatment of the personal data that regard You will be made principally by the help of electronic means or whichever automated, according to the formalities and by the tools fit to guarantee the certainty and the confidential nature of the data themselves, in conformity of how much expected of the lgs. D. 196/2003.
Particularly, there will be adopted all the technical, information, organizational, logistic and procedural safe measures, like foreseen by the lgs. D. 196/2003, so that it is guaranteed the least level of protection of the data foreseen by the law, allowing the access for the alone persons charged with the treatment from the Holder or Responsible persons designated by the Holder.
The data will be also managed and protected in environments with checked access.

Art. 4. Communication and diffusion of the data
Your data will be able to be communicated:
a) to all those subjects (there it included the Public Authorities) that have access for the personal data in view of normative or administrative measures;
b) to post offices, messengers or carriers charged with the delivery of the products purchased through the site;
c) to the bank institutes and to the societies that manage the national or international circuits of payment through which the on-line payments of the products purchased through the site are made;
d) to society, consultants or professionals in case charged with the installation, with the maintenance, with the updating and, in general, of the management of the hardwares and software
e) to all those public subjects and/or private citizens, physical and / or juridical persons (studies of legal, administrative and fiscal advice, Judicial Offices, Chambers of Commerce, Chambers and Offices of the Work, and so on), if the communication turns out to be necessary or functional to the correct fulfilment of the assumed contractual obligations, as well as obligations ensuing from the law.
The data that regard it will not be spread, if not in anonymous and included shape, for statistical aims or of research.

Art. 5. Holder and Responsible person of the Treatment of the personal data
The Holder of the treatment of the personal data is the society TuningBike with seat in Castelgandolfo, Road Ugo Foscolo 23, 00073, Rome
The Responsible person of the treatment, in accordance with the art. 29 lgs. D. No 196/2003, is the Manager of the society mister Cocciarelli Ettore
All the requests relative to the treatment of the personal data that regard You will be able to be sent to the next addresses:
a) TuningBike, Road Ugo Foscolo 23, Castelgandolfo, 00073, Rome
b) e-mail address:

Art. 6. Conservation of the personal data
The personal data that regard You will be kept for the only time necessary to guarantee the correct performance of the services offered by our Society.

Art. 7. Right of access for the personal data
In accordance with the art. 7 of the D. lgs. 196/2003, you have right of:
a) to obtain the confirmation of the existence or less personal data that regard You and their communication in intelligible shape;
b) to obtain:
- indications on the origin of the personal data, on the aims and on the formalities of the treatment, on the logic applied in case of treatment made with the help of electronic tools;
- indication of the identified extremes of the Holder of the treatment and of the Responsible persons, as well as in case of the representative designated by a foreign subject to the treatment of the data in Italy;
- indications about the subjects or the categories of subjects to which the data can be communicated or that can come to knowledge of the same ones to quality of representative designated on the territory of the state, of responsible persons or delegates;
c) to obtain:
- the updating, the correction or the integration of the data that regard You;
- the annulment, the transformation into anonymous shape or the block of the data dealt in violation of law, I understood those the conservation of which is necessary in relation to the reasons for which the data have been picked up or subsequently dealt;
- the statement of the fact that the operations of which at the points that they precede they have been led to knowledge also as far as it regards their content, of them whom the data have been informed of or I spread, except the case in which such a fulfilment turns out to be impossible or involves the use of obviously disproportionate means compared to the protected right;
d) to be opposed, in all or in part:
- for legitimate reasons, to the treatment of the data that regard You, although pertinent with the purpose of the harvesting;
- to the treatment of the personal data that regard You, foreseen with the purposes of commercial information or of dispatch from advertising material or from direct sale or for the fulfilment of researches of market or of commercial communication.

* * * *

The lsg. D. 196/2003 foresees that the treatment of the personal data should be made by the consent of the interested party, it saves the cases of exclusion specifically indicated by the Law itself. We pray her to want to express therefore expressly your consent to the treatment of the personal data for the aims above indicated.