Delivery Information

Shipping: Timing, Methods, Price

At the moment of purchase, even without signing up, it's possible to see the shipping methods and therefore to check its price.
Timing: delivering timing in Italy are approximately 24 or 48 hours from when the courier collects the merch at our warehouse. The order will be shipped when each product will be available.
In case of further needs (ex. in case some product is urgent) it will be possible to arrange special shippings, each of which will be charghed additional shipping fees.
Methods: TuningBike entrusts its shippings only to express couriers, SDA in Italy.
The courier delivers during the day (not after 18, not on saturday or holiday).
In case of abscence a notice will be left by which the courier, who would still run a second shipping try, could be contacted.
It's still recommended to indicate a place of delivery where someone would receive the shipping.
For further needs on the different shipping methods contact
Price: it varies depending on the destination and size of the products included in the order:
• Italy: in the form of each product it's visible the price of the shipping for that product.
Even in the cart it's visible immediately the price of the total shipping.
• Shipping Fees are exclusively for each order. For the purchase of more products the shipping fees of each product won't add up, but the shipping price is sole and relative to the most voluminous product.
• Outside Italy: shipping fees are consulted in the form of the nation, or easily adding a product in the cart.
It's possible shipping in the whole world: for some countries or for especially voluminous shippings the amount will be communicated before the payment.